Opening of bgptunnel postponed

We must unfortunately postpone the opening of bgptunnel.
We preferred to refocus on the moment on some projects such as NLocIX and AS205523

NLocIX Internet Exchange AS205523 vm and tunnel services

Help with deploying IPv6

Bgp tunnel allows nonprofit enthusiasts to connect in IPv6 to the rest of the world. Unlike other services, BGPTunnel uses BGP and will allow you to advertise your own ASN / IP pool

Advanced automatic functionality

- Automatic ASN / IP validation
- Automatic tunnels creation
- Dyndns
- Multihoming possible
- Use your own resources (IPv6 / ASN)
- Tunnel over IPv6 (better IPv6 over your isp)

Nonprofit community driven PoP

Basically, BGPTunnel was born from the idea of automating a service that several hobyists already proposed. BGP transit via tunnel to make any hobyist to connect to the Internet and BGP without risk. The service is free and relies on a sponsor network sharing the same motivations as us.

History / Sponsorship

BGP Tunnel is a project initiated by AS205523 (Servperso-Systems) and AS206499 (MM Network /, we already sponsor part of the resources (Website development, LIR, ip range, PoP, transit), but we are looking for partners who can we offer resources such as ip transit or a server to build a PoP.

If you want to be involved, just look below

A strong partnership network

The goal of BGPTunnel is also to allow hobyists to meet our partners. our goal is to show that the construction of an AS is not as inaccessible as one might think

Help US

We are looking for sponsors that can provide any kind of connectivity (Transit, IXP,) or a server for opening a new PoP (dedicated or virtual).
We offer our services to non-profit individuals to support the deployment and learning of IPv6

Partnership requirement

- Dedicated or VPS
- 1G or more
- Full root access
- At least, one transit or IXP
- We also accept upstream sponsor at specific PoP
- The possibility of whitelist automatically based on the AS-SET

Opening soon

We are currently developing the site. If you want a tunnel, you can already contact us by e-mail. We expect to open the service in July 2019, however, as soon as the site is ready we will start a BETA. We will offer BETA access to all members currently connected to our ASNs over tunnel
One requirement: nonprofit only